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Hijab – The Best & Beautiful Way to Express Your Faith & Style

Image of Red Hijab by Abaya and Gown

Hijab - A Symbol of Strength and Empowerment

Hijab is the Islamic practice of covering one’s head & shoulders. Hijab is primarily worn by Muslim women. Hijab is a lovely and powerful option for many Muslim women. It is their way of showing who they are & what they believe in. However, there are different methods to were hijab that one may choose depending on personal taste or tradition. Wearing a hijab is however hard especially for the new comers.

Here are some of the most common problems and solutions:

How do I tie a hijab?

Image of Pink Hijab by Abaya and Gown
Pink Hijab by Abaya and Gown

There are many ways to tie a hijab. Here are some tips on tie a basic hijab –

  • Wear an underscarf. This will keep your hijab from slipping. hijab from slipping.
  • Cover both your head & shoulders with the hijab.
  • Lift the ends of the hijab up to your head & cross them below your chin.
  • Tie the hijab on the backside of your head.
  • Adjust your hijab to be comfortable & secure.

Fashion tips for wearing hijab:

Image of Pink Hijab by Abaya and Gown
Pink Hijab by Abaya and Gown

You can wear the headscarf in different variations –

  • First, choose a breathable hijab so that you can breathe freely in it.
  • Now try on different combinations of the hijab until you discover what heightens your beauty and tastes right.
  • Clothes & accessories such as straight pins, clothes clips & hijab scarves can be added to a fedora for further character.

How to stay cool in hijab during hot weather?

image of hijab

Follow this below tips to stay cool in a hijab during hot weather –

  • Wear loose-fitting apparel under your hijab.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid exercise during the hottest part of the day.
  • Try to stay in shade.


How to deal with hair loss and scalp irritation caused by hijab?

Hair loss is a common problem of using hijab. You can try this out –

  • Carefully brush and style your hair.
  • Don’t use tight hair ties and elastics.
  • Use conditioner to keep your hair nourished.
  • Wash your hijab regularly.
  • Try a scalp treatment or dandruff shampoo.

How to avoid acne breakouts caused by hijab?

Wearing a hijab can cause acne outbreaks. You can try these prevention for acne outbreaks –

  • Wash your hijab regularly.
  • Clean your face twice a day with light cleanser.
  • Always try to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer.
  • Do not wear a lot of makeup.
  • You can use an acne treatment cream or gel.


Image of Grey Hijab by Abaya and Gown
Grey Hijab by Abaya and Gown

Wear the hijab as a beautiful, powerful option for many Muslim women. It affords people an opportunity to share their values, individual style and cultural background. It is certainly inconvenient at times to wear a hijab, but there are several tricks. This entry to the blog discusses issues such as how best to secure a hijab in hot weather, tips on keeping your cool when there’s something wrong with it and those annoying questions like why you lose more hair or sometimes have irritatingly dry scalp. Always remember–you aren’t alone on the path of hijab. You have resources to help you along the way, many of which are listed below. Just wear your hijab with pride!

In this post, you’ll discover how to tie the hijab and remain cool in summer weather; as well as various tips on coping with problems such as hair loss or scalp itch. Watch out for acne too!

If you wear a hijab, remember that it is not an isolated experience. Of course there are a lot of materials to assist you along the pathway. Just wear your hijab with pride and self-confidence!

Happy hijabbing!


What is a hijab?

Hijab is the Islamic tradition of covering oneself modestly. While it is certainly put on most often by Muslim women, there are even some male Muslims who choose to wear the veil. There are many ways to drape a hijab, depending upon individual taste and the standards of one’s own culture.

Why do Muslim women wear hijab?

Muslim women wear the hijab for a variety of reasons. For some women wearing it is a symbol of their devotion to God, and reflects their beliefs. For others, this is the answer to protecting their modesty. Some just wear it to preserve a sense of ethnic identity.

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